Greetings from the Chairman

Firstly, In the heart of the campus sits the Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Science at the University of Noakhali Science and Technology. It is one of the famous University departments of its kind in the Bangladesh, combining state of the art teaching facilities, nutrition unit and laboratories.

Department at a Glance: Year of Establishment: 2012, Degree Offered: B. Sc. (Hons.); MS (will start 2017)

Department’s View: In the department of FTNS, Students can become well-versed in clinical and community nutrition as well as food Science. Food Technology and Nutrition Science (FTNS) is an international discipline as technology based and food industry is a global business where Nutrition is the prime concern. Graduates in this discipline can travel the world and enjoy opportunities provided by national, trans-national and global food companies, as well as work in small to medium food enterprises and in different types of industries. They can also play the role of national and international health and nutrition policies, planning and preventive and social active in the communities. Graduates from this department of NSTU will be able to work in many parts of the world and well qualified by international standard.

Faculty members: The FTNS has a group of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. They are experts in various subjects such as Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Science, Microbiology, Clinical Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Social Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Food Security, Nutrition Planning, Biostatistics, Bio-engineering and Instrumentation.

Laboratory Facilities:  Dept. of FTNS has its own laboratory to conduct different subject oriented experiments & research. Food Testing Lab, Food Preservation Lab, Food Microbiology Lab (Food Biotechnology Lab, Food Processing Lab, Food Analysis Lab on-going).

Lastly, The Department of FTNS strives to prepare students for careers in the dynamic and global food industry, public health and community nutrition sectors, health care, or biomedical research. Our Department integrates education, research, and outreach in preparing students to improve the health and well-being of populations through food and nutrition.


Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

Chairman & Assistant Professor

Food Technology and Nutrition Science

Noakhali Science and Technology University


Noakhali, Bangladesh