To be a global leader in training, research, outreach and consultancy services in post-harvest handling and value addition of food and agricultural produce, food bio processing and technology, food nutrition and dietetics, food safety and quality and natural resource sciences in order to realize sustainable and secure livelihoods.

The Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Science is committed to realizing its vision and mission. It operates within certain treasured beliefs, which have contributed to its success. The Department as part of the Noakhali Science and Technology University shall:

  • Be accountable and transparent in all its operations.
  • Uphold professionalism, integrity, honesty and quality in training and all other activities.
  • Promote participatory management and effective teamwork in all its activities and operations.
  • Promote and maintain linkages with industry, other institutions and alumni.
  • Uphold dignity of all members of staff and students.
  • Recognize and esteem ideas and innovations.